Secure mobile digital solution for banks

A simple process to exchange instantly with your clients and receive their critical decisions in a secure and compliant way.

SignMit allows secured verification between banks and clients by connecting documents to their smartphones. Financial institutions can digitalize any kind of workflow requiring a user validation that today requires a manual intervention such as:


Callback: Transactions validation

Advisory: Investment proposals

MiFID II: Pre trade suitability report, Opt-in/Opt out documentation for customer classification change, Repapering

Documents signatures: Profile changes, General conditions

Internal validations: Approvals and (multi) signatures between employees




Smart and compliant  

All the events are tracked and carefully registered. Information are extracted directly from the application and available to banks which have access to an audit trail. It gives them the body of evidence of their clients’ decisions to be compliant with the various regulations. The application issue in parallel a certified and signed document.

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